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Watch MFOA YouTube video and PSA on Dogs Chained for Life (DCFL)

What you should do if you see a DCFL in Maine

Successful MFOA legislation from 1998-2019 protecting companion animals, particularly dogs

1999: Passed legislation to increase animal cruelty penalties from a misdemeanor to a felony offense.

It is that time of year again - when animals are in danger of dying from heat exposure if left in vehicles unattended. We thought this would be a good time to review the Maine law on who is authorized to remove animals in distress from unattended motor vehicles.

MFOA Testimony in Opposition to L.D. 858 “An Act To Strengthen the Law Regarding Dangerous Dogs”


In 2017 Maine animal activists came out strongly in Augusta against LD 1601 “An Act to Reduce Costs to Businesses by Phasing Out the Pet Food Surcharge”, which was supported by the Governor as a pro-business bill. 

MFOA and Maine Citizens Against Puppy Mills Joins Forces to Ban Puppy & Kitten Mills    


In March of 2007, Maine Friends of Animals sponsored a bill entitled, “An Act to Protect Household Pets and Other Animals from Poisoning,” which addressed the effects of animals ingesting car antifreeze.   

Great news! LD 850, “An Act To Improve the Protection of Animals,” has passed as amended by the legislature and signed by the Governor.  Just in time for summer!  This bill offers better protection for animals in distress left in enclosed vehicles  - especially important

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