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Monday, 01 September 2014

Membership / Donations
Join MFOA Today! Print E-mail

Your membership and donations are essential in the continuing effort to get our message out to as many people as possible.  We all know that with education we can win the war against those who consider animal welfare unimportant.

Your donations will contribute toward the expense of brochures and other printing needs; mailings to you, legislators and the media; telephone and networking costs; campaign organizing; office supplies and lobbying expenses.

Download our donation/membership form that you can print and mail to us.

Don't forget to signup for our News & Action Alerts.

Thank you for your support!

MFOA -- 15 YEARS! Print E-mail

Dear MFOA Members and Supporters,

It’s hard to believe that it has been 15 years since Maine Friends of Animals was first established in 1997. As we have progressed to become Maine’s leading animal protection organization, we’ve experienced many positive changes in animal welfare as well as disappointing set backs. Most rewarding, however, is seeing a major shift in the discussion, activism and understanding of many animal protection issues that were not even on the radar screen 15 years ago. We thank all of you for the many ways in which you have helped make this possible.

15 years and still fighting cruel coyote legislation Print E-mail

Dear MFOA Member and Supporter,

CoyoteIn this 15th anniversary year of Maine Friends of Animals, we can celebrate significant victories, but we're also aware of what remains unaccomplished. Cruel practices that motivated our early wildlife protection efforts are still with us.

The hunting lobby mistakenly targets coyotes as the primary cause of declining deer populations and continually introduces inhumane, ineffective legislation to permit the shooting, trapping bounties and snaring of these natural predators on a massive scale.  

MFOA 2012 Annual Membership Drive Print E-mail

Maine Friends of Animals

2012 Annual Membership Drive

Dear MFOA Members and Supporters,

Over the last year we have been working to become more efficient and effective in all aspects of our business of helping animals including requests for support.  We do not want to inundate you with fundraising pleas, but we also want you to know without the help of every one of our members, we simply won't have the resources to stand up to the special interests that subject animals to cruelty for profit or sport.




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Thank you for your support!

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