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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Legislation / Campaigns

Bear Referendum: Op-Ed by Robert Fisk, Jr. - Economic Impact Print E-mail
Passage of Question 1 could have positive impact
Robert Fisk Jr.

Published: 10/22/2014
Sun Journal

Much has been said and written about how the passage of the bear referendum (Question 1) would be an economic disaster, particularly for northern and western mountain regions with low human population densities.
MFOA Urges "Yes on One" Vote Print E-mail

Yes on 1 Ad

"Yes on 1" campaign ad MFOA placed in the Portland Press Herald on 10/14/14. Cruelty is NOT a Maine tradition. Thank you to everyone who donated to help make this ad possible!

MFOA Talking Points for the Bear Referendum Print E-mail

Opposition Strategy

  • The opposition's alarmist strategy worked well in the 2004 bear referendum. Again in 2014, the opposition determined early on that the best strategy was to scare voters. Scare them with talk of radical animal-rights extremists. Scare them with fear of exploding bear populations. Scare them with threats of the beginning of the end of all hunting. Scare them by releasing a self-serving doom and gloom economic report. Scare them with stories of dangerous bears in backyards.
MFOA 2014 State Legislative Candidate Questionnaire Print E-mail
Every legislative session, MFOA sends out a questionnaire to all of the Maine legislative candidates to determine how "animal friendly" each candidate is.  Below is a copy the questionnaire sent out in July 2014.  Be sure to ask the candidates in your area their positions on the animal issues that are important to you.  Do not assume that your preferred candidate is the one that will support bills related to Maine's animals - ask questions, have conversations before voting, be sure before casting your vote.

MFOA 2014 State Legislative Candidate Questionnaire


1.  Each year about 1,500 horses are transported to and through Maine to slaughter in Quebec for human consumption in Europe. The entire process, including the slaughter auction, the method of transportation, the feedlots, the slaughter plants -- everything up to and especially their death -- is inhumane. Does an animal that has served mankind in so many ways, for so long, and so well deserve the fate of being slaughtered?  Would you support legislation to ban the transport of horses from and through Maine to slaughter in Canada and the building of any horse slaughter plant in Maine?                                                               

Yes ____ No ____

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