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Friday, 17 August 2018

Legislation / Campaigns

Communicating with your Legislator

Reaching out to your legislator is an important way to help Maine's animals.  Speak up for better laws to protect our companion animals, farm animals and wildlife.  Your voice DOES make a difference.   

Letters are extremely effective. Personal visits are also valuable. Personal postcards, phone calls, e-mail and well written letters all help. Be sure to tell your legislator why you support or oppose a measure.

MFOA Legislation Protecting Companion Animals

Successful MFOA legislation protecting companion animals, particularly dogs

1998: Lobbied for legislation that prevented the pari-mutual simulcast wagering of greyhound racing in Maine

1999: Passed legislation to increase animal cruelty penalties from a misdemeanor to a felony offense

2000: Led the fight to revamp Maine's Animal Welfare Program and the formation of the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, making it more effective in responding to animal cruelty cases

2003: Passes legislation that requires dogs in the ‘back of pick-up trucks' be secured so that it cannot fall, jump or be thrown from an open vehicle

2003: 3 MFOA members move to form ‘Spay Maine,' a program designed to reduce cat and dog euthanasia, which was subsequently incorporated into the state Animal Welfare Program

2006: Raised public awareness of dog cruelty cases through press releases, demonstrations and the use of the media

2006: Passed the first enforceable legislation in the nation addressing ‘Dogs Chained for Life,' establishing greater requirements for dogs left outside on a continuous basis

2007: Made ‘Dogs Chained for Life' an ongoing program with education materials, a TV public service announcement, and office assistance in securing the release of a DCFL


2007: Sponsored legislation, which became law in 2011, requiring that a bittering agent be added to anti-freeze to help prevent poisoning of pets and wildlife


2010: Partnered with Madison Elementary School to develop a ‘Pet Club' model for elementary schools, teaching children about the responsibilities the care and protection of companion animals. Currently securing grant monies to make it a statewide program for 3-5 graders.

2011: Sponsored successful legislation that provides greater response for first responders in the protection for animals in distress left in unattended vehicles.


Happy Dog Cat

Great news! MFOA sponsored, L.D. 703, "An Act To Make Post-conviction Possession of Animals a Criminal Offense" has  passed both the Senate and the House with a little help from two long time animal-friendly legislators, Sponsor, Sen. Edward Mazurek (D - Rockland) and Co-Sponsor, Sen. Stan Gerzofsky (D - Brunswick), chair of the Committee that heard LD 703.

L.D. 703 is now awaiting Governor LePage's signature to become law.

With the many animal abuse cases featured in Maine news recently, this improvement to the existing animal welfare laws could not have come at a better time.

Thank you to all of you who called and emailed your Legislators to ask them to support  LD 703. Your voices DO make a difference for Maine's animals.

Maine and Horse Slaughter


For millenniums, the horse has changed mankind - the ways in which we travel, trade, play, work and fight wars have been profoundly shaped by our relationship with horses. By carrying people, goods, and ideas between civilizations, horses have changed and created history. The relationship between man and horse is unique. Unfortunately, their unparalleled stature and legacy cannot save them from the ultimate disrespect and cruelty of a slaughterhouse. Each year, approximately 1,500 horses are shipped from or through Maine to two slaughterhouses in Québec for human consumption in parts of Europe and Asia.

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