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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Legislation / Campaigns

L.D. 703 PASSES HOUSE & SENATE! Print E-mail

Happy Dog Cat

Great news! MFOA sponsored, L.D. 703, "An Act To Make Post-conviction Possession of Animals a Criminal Offense" has  passed both the Senate and the House with a little help from two long time animal-friendly legislators, Sponsor, Sen. Edward Mazurek (D - Rockland) and Co-Sponsor, Sen. Stan Gerzofsky (D - Brunswick), chair of the Committee that heard LD 703.

L.D. 703 is now awaiting Governor LePage's signature to become law.

With the many animal abuse cases featured in Maine news recently, this improvement to the existing animal welfare laws could not have come at a better time.

Thank you to all of you who called and emailed your Legislators to ask them to support  LD 703. Your voices DO make a difference for Maine's animals.

Maine and Horse Slaughter Print E-mail


For millenniums, the horse has changed mankind - the ways in which we travel, trade, play, work and fight wars have been profoundly shaped by our relationship with horses. By carrying people, goods, and ideas between civilizations, horses have changed and created history. The relationship between man and horse is unique. Unfortunately, their unparalleled stature and legacy cannot save them from the ultimate disrespect and cruelty of a slaughterhouse. Each year, approximately 1,500 horses are shipped from or through Maine to two slaughterhouses in Québec for human consumption in parts of Europe and Asia.

How You Can Help Ban Horse Slaughter in Maine! Print E-mail

Support MFOA sponsored legislation, L.D. 1286,  "An Act to Protect Maine Communities from Environmental Hazards by Prohibiting Horse Slaughter in Maine for Human Consumption and the Transport of Horses for Slaughter"

Know the issues: view Horse Slaughter in Maine ‘Fact Sheet' .

Contact your State Representative:

Contact your State Senator:


A letter and follow-up call (brief) is best. Email and an email follow-up a couple of weeks later is also good. Be brief, accurate, courteous and to the point -- a single page letter is most effective. Refer them to the MFOA Fact Sheet. Remember to state your opinion in a professional, factual and respectful manner.

Write or email members of the Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Conservation:

Encourage like-minded friends and associates: to contact their legislators and give them these guidelines.

Write a letter-to-the-editor: to your local daily and weekly newspapers It can be similar to the letter you write your legislators (with similar guidelines). Note the bill in your letter.

Contact MFOA about testifying at the hearing:
tel: 207-781-2187
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Donate to MFOA: proceeds will go to help pass this important legislation.

Fact Sheet: L.D. 1286 Prohibiting Horse Slaughter in Maine for Human Consumption Print E-mail
L.D 1286 "An Act to Protect Maine Communities by Prohibiting Horse Slaughter in Maine for Human Consumption and the Transport of Horses for Slaughter"


  • Maine ships approximately 1,500 horses, perhaps more, from and through Maine each year to two slaughter houses in Quebec. With federal inspection funds available, a horse slaughter plant could now be located in Maine.

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