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Friday, 17 August 2018

Legislation / Campaigns

State, hunting lobby takes extreme positions against wildlife
The referendum campaign to end the hunting of Maine black bears with the use of bait, hounds and traps that narrowly lost in the last election had a result of significant increased public awareness of these "hunting" practices and the submittal of eight bear bills to the legislature.
Task force seeks bear-baiting study

Thursday, March 02, 2006 - Bangor Daily News

A task force that reviewed Maine's bear-hunting rules has recommended banning steel-jawed leg traps and requested additional study into how bait popular with sportsmen is affecting the size and health of the state's bear population.

But the proposals did little to settle the intense debate between hunting and animal rights groups over tactics used by bear hunters. In fact, at least two anti-hunting groups that participated in the task force are hinting at another voter referendum to change Maine's bear-hunting laws.

Please Support LD 1598: An Act To Strengthen the Laws against Illegal "Puppy Mill" Operators

Please read --time sensitive. Action needed before legislative committee work session!
Support L.D. 1598 to help provide prosecutors and judges with the tools to more easily prosecute puppy mill cases like Buxton. And to help deter others from hoarding or setting up a puppy mill.

Please submit polite supporting testimony for L.D 1598; make 20 copies and send to the committee clerk Darlene Simoneau at the address posted. If anyone of the 13 members is YOUR legislator please be sure to contact them and ask them to support the ENTIRE bill.  

Rules For the Care and Treatment of Elephants
President & Director of Maine Friends of Animals
Rules pertaining to L.D. 327  
December 9, 2005

Rules and Regulations Relating to Animal Welfare

In 2000 animal advocates came together in Maine to address what they considered one of the more egregious forms of animal cruelty; that of being a circus elephant. Our campaign raised public awareness of how a circus elephant is trained, kept, used and disposed of. It is an unusually cruel and miserable existence for such a free roaming, intelligent, social, gentle giant. The campaign culminated with the Maine House of Representatives voting (88-58) in favor of a bill to ban any performing elephants in the state. Unfortunately it lost in the Senate. But the advocates continued their campaign for two more years and re-introduced the same legislation in 2003, L.D. 327 “An Act to Prevent Elephant Abuse”, which brings us to today. The rules before us are reasonable and minimal in which the circus industry must adhere to while in the state. These rules reflect the standards of the APHIS and the US Department of Agriculture in the care and treatment of animals. It is hard for me to understand what possibly could be the reason the circus industry is here today to oppose these rules. They are rules they already are suppose to be operating under.   

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