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Friday, 17 August 2018

Written by MFOA   
Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dear MFOA Members and Supporters,

It’s hard to believe that it has been 15 years since Maine Friends of Animals was first established in 1997. As we have progressed to become Maine’s leading animal protection organization, we’ve experienced many positive changes in animal welfare as well as disappointing set backs. Most rewarding, however, is seeing a major shift in the discussion, activism and understanding of many animal protection issues that were not even on the radar screen 15 years ago. We thank all of you for the many ways in which you have helped make this possible.

If we do not have your current e-mail address, please send it to us so that you can receive our occasional Action Alerts & Updates, which are often associated with MFOA and other legislation affecting animals.

It is our goal to continue to promote and move the animal protection discussion into mainstream thinking. The pendulum is swinging our way, albeit too slowly. Won’t you help us advance animal welfare in Maine?

When time permits, we hope you will view the new MFOA DVD: ‘MFOA First 15 Years’. This informative half-hour video documents our 15-year history. It is a collection of TV news clips, photos, newspaper articles and general information about MFOA, the major issues we have been involved with and our progress through the years. 

Click to view ‘MFOA First 15 Years’ -- contact MFOA for a larger (more readable) file.

Video Table of Contents:

  • Early issues: increasing the penalties for animal cruelty; trapping; coyote snaring
  • Revamping Maine’s Animal Welfare Program
  • Ban on circus elephants
  • Speaking up for animals
  • The Bear Referendum
  • MFOA Outreach & Volunteers / Pet Club
  • Ban on ‘Canned Hunting’
  • MFOA Office and board members
  • Horse slaughter / harness racing
  • Dogs Chained for Life
  • Combating cruelty; creating change        


MFOA has been acknowledged as a model for a state animal protection organization.  Mostly comprised of volunteers, it has accomplished a great deal with modest funding. Fifteen years have given us credibility with the legislature, media and the general public; we feel we are positioned to increase the scope and effectiveness of what we do, but it can only happen if there is a corresponding level of funding. Will you make a donation to help make that happen? 

It is our hope that, after viewing ‘MFOA First 15 Years’ and the MFOA Timeline, you will have a greater perspective of what MFOA has accomplished and its potential to do much more. We have the structure, the leadership, and the experience to do so, but only with an increase in funding will we be able to reach that next level of involvement. Please donate today. Join us in being a voice for all of Maine’s animals.

For the animals,
Robert Fisk, Jr.
President & Director

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