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Sunday, 19 August 2018

Membership Referral / MFOA Bumper Sticker

MFOA Bumper Sticker

Do you know someone in your neighborhood, workplace, school or community who has a strong level of compassion for animals and the issues that affect them? Someone who you think might want to act upon our motto:  "Silence is the voice of complexity. Speak up for animals"? Please take a moment to send us a name / address / email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it of someone you think might join MFOA. We will send them our brochure and send you our MFOA bumper sticker as a thank you if they join.

How your donation can help Maine animals

  • $15 pays for some office supplies
  • $25 pays for a tabling event fee
  • $50 pays costs of following up on a dog chained for life
  • $100 pays the cost for a mailing to state legislators
  • $250 pays for elementary school Pet Club packets
  • $500 pays for office support staff to pursue more animal cruelty issues
  • $1000 pays for TV ads supporting animal protection legislation
Buy Your MFOA Bumper Sticker Today!


MFOA Bumper Sticker

They are here!  Brand new Maine Friends of Animals bumper stickers!

Buy yours today to show your support for Maine's animals!

Bumper stickers are $2.00 each plus $.49 shipping. 

You can purchase via the "Buy Now" Paypal button below or if you prefer, mail us a check for $2.49 made out to Maine Friends of Animals (US Route 1, Falmouth, ME 04105) and we will send a sticker out to you.

Of course, you can save yourself the shipping and stop by the office to purchase one live and in person. We would enjoy the visit!


(Please note that stickers will be mailed in a standard envelope so will be folded in half, but this does not negatively impact the sticker.)

Why donate to Maine Friends of Animals?


We all have many worthy causes to which we can make charitable contributions. Today, we would like to make our case for why your donation to Maine Friends of Animals (MFOA), Maine's leading animal protection organization, is an excellent "investment" and use of your money.

Support MFOA's work to expose cruelty in the harness racing industry

Horse Picture

Support MFOA's work to expose cruelty in the harness racing industry

Sibal is a beautiful, two-year-old filly.  She is a Standardbred, the breed used by the harness racing industry. Even though her immature body is vulnerable to injury, Sibal will be forced into training. She may spend up to 22 hours a day in a stall, be whipped repeatedly when racing, kicked and beaten after races, and injected with pain blockers or drugs to enhance performance. 

After a short career, often only four or five years, she could be sold at auction, crammed onto a truck, and taken on a traumatic journey to a slaughterhouse in Quebec, where she will meet a terrifying end.

Sibal's story is a sad, but common, scenario for harness-racing horses in Maine. We need you to help us take a stand on this outdated and inhumane activity, which is driven solely by money.  

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