Our Mission

Maine Friends of Animals" [MFOA] is a statewide organization that promotes the humane treatment of all animals, through education, advocacy and legislation. Since 1997, MFOA has been Maine's leading voice for animal protection -- working tirelessly to end animal cruelty in the state.

The corporation's objective is to lead and coalesce animal associations and advocates in Maine in order to more effectively take action on issues that affect animals. To embrace our motto: Silence is the voice of complicity. Speak up for animals.

MFOA engages those wishing to help animals, whether they are from an animal welfare, animal protection or animal rights perspective, whether they are pure animal protection activists or not, recognizing that one issue can bring a person into the movement. We welcome that interest and support knowing the experience in helping in one concern leads to greater knowledge and understanding of the many other issues affecting animals.

The corporation's goal is to increase the organization's ability, working within the legislative system and with members and supporters, to make the kind of differences that bring animal protection into mainstream thinking. We want to insure that the State of Maine continues to take animal cruelty seriously and advocates for a more humane society.