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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Legislation / Campaigns

128th Maine Legislative Session - Stay Informed on Animal Issues Print E-mail


Maine Animal Advocates:

The 128th legislative session is underway and there are many bills under consideration that will impact Maine's animals (some good bills, many bad).

We need ALL of you to speak up for the animals as they have no voice and depend on you to keep them safe today and for future generations.  Staying informed is key to helping animals in Maine.

MFOA Testimony Against Proposed Extension to Beaver Trapping and Bobcat Hunting Seasons Print E-mail

Comments from Maine Friends of Animals
re: Proposed Rule Changes Impacting Chapter 4.01 (G. 1, 1.b., 4.) (O.) Upland Game and Furbearing Animals Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
September 27, 2016

Dear Commissioner Woodcock, Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Advisory Council Members,

Please accept this letter in opposition to the proposed extensions to bobcat hunting and beaver trapping seasons in Maine.  I have also included feedback regarding the proposed openings and closures of land in Maine Wildlife Management Districts to beaver trapping.

Maine Friends of Animals is against any forms of hunting that are cruel – killing beavers through trapping and hunting bobcats using hounds both fall under this category.

Additionally, we do not support the senseless killing of wildlife for purposes of profit or for trophy hunting.  Maine's wildlife belongs to all of us and should not be “harvested” indiscriminately to benefit a small minority of the population. 

As a result we are against any extension to the beaver trapping and bobcat hunting seasons.

Testimony of Robert Fisk, Jr.: Proposed Rule Changes Impacting Captive Wildlife Print E-mail



President and Director, Maine Friends of Animals
Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
June 7, 2016

Commissioner Woodcock:

This testimony is in favor of the proposed rule changes regarding the importation, possession, propagation, rehabilitation and exhibition of wildlife, but with some concerns and suggestions.Housing and caring for exotic and wild animals requires high levels of responsibility,knowledge, and accountability as well as ongoing financial resources.

2014 Bear referendum Op-Eds by Robert Fisk, Jr. Print E-mail

In 2004 Maine Friends of Animals partnered with The Humane Society of United States for a state referendum to ban the hunting of bears in Maine with the use of bait, hounds and traps. MFOA's President and Executive Director, Robert Fisk, Jr. spent two years on that effort and served as the director and spokesperson for the campaign. MFOA's Falmouth office served as campaign headquarters.

In the repeat referendum campaign of 2014, MFOA played a strong but lesser role as Fisk remained a valued contributor particularly in publishing informative Op-Eds in Maine's four main daily newspapers covering the main issues of the referendum.

9/20/14.  Portland Press Herald: Animal Protection measures have fallen victim to an unholy alliance

10/14/14. Bangor Daily News:  Bears are gentle, elusive. Claims that they’ll attack Mainers are unsupported


10/17/14. Kennebec Journal: Bear hunting in Maine is an ugly business involving extreme cruelty

10/22/14. Sun Journal:  Passage of Question 1 could have a positive economic impact

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