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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Legislation / Campaigns

MFOA Members Speak Out for Maine's Bears Print E-mail


Maine Friends of Animals is proud to have many of its members speaking out to end Maine's cruel and unfair Bear hunting practices(trapping, baiting and hunting with hounds.)

Here are just a few insightful letters and opinion pieces written by MFOA supporters:

MFOA Supports Maine's Bears Print E-mail
MFOA Supports Maine's Bears
Communicating with your Legislator Print E-mail

Reaching out to your legislator is an important way to help Maine's animals.  Speak up for better laws to protect our companion animals, farm animals and wildlife.  Your voice DOES make a difference.   

Letters are extremely effective. Personal visits are also valuable. Personal postcards, phone calls, e-mail and well written letters all help. Be sure to tell your legislator why you support or oppose a measure.

Maine's Bears Need Your Help! Print E-mail
Maine's bears need your help!

Please sign up to gather signatures!

In 2004 Maine Friends of Animals teamed up with the Humane Society of the United States in a state referendum to ban the hunting of Maine's black bears with the use of baiting, hounding, and trapping. A long and contentious campaign fell short 53%-47%, but with it came a huge increase in the public awareness of these inhumane hunting practices.
Ten years later, a new initiative has begun - one that now has a better chance of passing. The road to success starts by gathering enough signatures to place this referendum on the ballot in 2014. MFOA members lead the way in the 2004 signature gathering and we hope you will help again now to finally rid the state of all three practices.

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