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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Legislation / Campaigns

Bear Referendum: Op-Ed by Robert Fisk, Jr. - Scare Tactics Print E-mail

Bears are gentle, elusive. Claims that they’ll attack Mainers are unsupported
Robert Fisk, Jr.

Published 10/27/14
Bangor Daily News

In the 2004 bear referendum, the opposition decided its best strategy for winning was to scare voters.

Instead of trying to defend unethical hunting and inhumane practices that demean Maine’s true hunting tradition, it was decided that it would be more effective to use misrepresentations, self-serving data and false advertisements. It worked. The proponents lost narrowly in 2004 as they could not overcome this alarmist strategy.

Bear Referendum: Op-Ed by Robert Fisk, Jr. - Cruelty Print E-mail

Bear hunting in Maine is an ugly business involving extreme cruelty

Robert Fisk Jr.
Published: 10/17/14
Kennebec Journal

The driving theme to ban the hunting of Maine black bears with bait, hounds and traps is the level of cruelty involved. Not all hunting practices are equal. The opposition never coherently answers when asked about the cruelty of these practices and inevitably goes into diversionary mode to say it is about animal protection extremists wanting to end all hunting.

Bear Referendum: Op-Ed by Robert Fisk, Jr. - Economic Impact Print E-mail
Passage of Question 1 could have positive impact
Robert Fisk Jr.

Published: 10/22/2014
Sun Journal

Much has been said and written about how the passage of the bear referendum (Question 1) would be an economic disaster, particularly for northern and western mountain regions with low human population densities.
MFOA Urges "Yes on One" Vote Print E-mail

Yes on 1 Ad

"Yes on 1" campaign ad MFOA placed in the Portland Press Herald on 10/14/14. Cruelty is NOT a Maine tradition. Thank you to everyone who donated to help make this ad possible!

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