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Sunday, 19 August 2018

Join Our Campaign to End Canned Hunting in Maine
Written by Robert Fisk   
Tuesday, 07 October 2008

Ban Canned Hunts 


During each legislative session, Maine Friends of Animals chooses a focus issue, such as our ‘Dogs Chained for Life’ campaign and the recent bear referendum to ban baiting, hounding and trapping of Maine black bears. Our focus for this upcoming session is ‘canned hunting.’ 

Canned hunting is a hunting practice held on so called "hunting ranches", which are privately owned lands in Maine that enclose non-native wildlife behind fenced-in land. The landowner charges fees for people to kill these animals which have no chance of escaping. Please read on and view our canned hunting fact sheet for more information concerning these operations in Maine 

In 1999, a bill to end canned hunting was turned over and an attempt made to actually increase the practice.  A compromise was agreed upon to grandfather the nine existing ranches in the state.  MFOA submitted legislation the following legislature, but it was defeated on an “economic” argument. But four years later, statistics show that economic argument is no longer valid. MFOA feels it is time to revisit this issue and end this barbaric trophy hunting by out-of-state “weekend warriors.”  

As we began to plan our campaign, we had the very good fortune to have a MFOA District Coordinator, Melissa Gates, complete her degree with a paper entitled An Advocate’s Handbook to End Canned Hunting in Maine.  It is a comprehensive look at canned hunting in Maine, which further supports legislation to end the practice once and for all.   

Please take a moment and read more about the campaign and how you can help. This will not be easy legislation and the hunting lobby will certainly look to defeat it. So please contact us  today and do whatever you can to pass this legislation to end canned hunting.

Thank you for helping Maine Friends of Animals end this cruel, unsportsmanlike, unnecessary "hunting" practice in Maine.

Canned Hunting Campaign Resources  

Canned Hunting Fact Sheet

Sample Letter to the Editor

Campaign Poster

View U-Tube Videos Concerning Canned Hunting in Maine



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