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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Legislation / Campaigns

End coyote snaring cruelty now Print E-mail
Coyote snaring is back in the news. A recent internal memorandum by Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife regional biologist Chuck Hulsey reiterated the lack of IF&W support for the coyote program, and had an accompanying necropsy report that detailed the horrific way in which these snared animals died.

It is an indefensible program that exists solely because of the work of special-interest groups and the lack of public awareness.
Maine adopts rules and regulations for circus elephants Print E-mail
(Falmouth) Maine will become the first state to pass legislation to address the treatment of performing elephants. A three year effort by Maine Friends of Animals (MFOA) and "Elephant Free in 200'j' culminated with legislation that requires the Maine Department of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources to adopt rules regarding the care and treatment of elephants. Maine would be the first state to require specific guidelines for the care of elephants to be put into law.
Editorial Cartoon Print E-mail
Bear Hunting in Maine 
Bear Bill Hearing at Augusta Civic Center April 28, 2005 Print E-mail

President & Director of Maine Friends of Animals
IN SUPPORT OF L.D. 628 “An Act to Amend the Bear Hunting Laws” and
IN SUPPORT OF L.D. 1460 “An Act to Ban Bear Hunting with Traps Except to Protect the Public”

April 28, 2005

Good afternoon Senator Byrant, Representative Watson and distinguished members of the committee.  I am Robert Fisk, Jr., president and director of Maine Friends of Animals, a statewide animal advocate group that promotes the humane treatment of animals with education, advocacy and legislation; and we initiated the bear referendum. 

The bear referendum significantly increased the public awareness of wildlife animal cruelty, unethical forms of hunting and how Maine’s wildlife is managed and by whom. Most Mainers knew very little about how we hunted bear in this state until the referendum. They learned a lot. The view of bear hunting will never be the same after the referendum. Because of that I honestly believe what happens to these bear bills by this committee will set the tone for wildlife issues for many years to come. If this legislation is dismissed as this committee has done before I believe it will create a greater divide among non-hunters and hunters, increase criticism of the department as being pawns of sportsmen, and stimulate a call for future referendums.

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