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Friday, 17 August 2018

Legislation / Campaigns

Join Our Campaign to End Canned Hunting in Maine

Ban Canned Hunts 


During each legislative session, Maine Friends of Animals chooses a focus issue, such as our ‘Dogs Chained for Life’ campaign and the recent bear referendum to ban baiting, hounding and trapping of Maine black bears. Our focus for this upcoming session is ‘canned hunting.’ 

Canned hunting is a hunting practice held on so called "hunting ranches", which are privately owned lands in Maine that enclose non-native wildlife behind fenced-in land. The landowner charges fees for people to kill these animals which have no chance of escaping. Please read on and view our canned hunting fact sheet for more information concerning these operations in Maine 

Short video overview of MFOA’s Ban on Canned Hunting Campaign

View U-Tube Videos Concerning Canned Hunting in Maine

Comments from Hunting Advocates on Canned Hunting in Maine

Fair chase "is the ethical, sportsmanlike, and lawful pursuit and taking of free-ranging wild animals in a manner that does not give the hunter an improper or unfair advantage over the animal...big game confined by artificial barriers for commercial shooting are ineligible."

The Boone & Crocket Club
"Hunting Behind Wire" by Bob Humphrey, Maine Sportsman

"These types of hunts are not looked upon in the best light by the public and the Department needs to consider if this is the type of hunting we want to promote,"



Former DIF&W Commissioner Lee Perry
Bangor Daily News

"I don't care if its elk farmers or Zulu hunters doing it. I don't want this called hunting, because it is not hunting if you are doing it in an enclosed area." .... "Basically I just don't think it's hunting. There's a real fair-chase issue here. It's shooting something in a barrel, as far as I am concerned."



Rep. Matt Dunlap
Former House chair of IFW Committee
Sportsman's Alliance of Maine News and Bangor Daily News

"Hunting and fishing in the woods and waters of Maine have a long and storied tradition. It seems to me that any Mainer familiar with the outdoors would realize that canned hunts are not only unfair but not sporting."



Governor John Baldacci
Bangor Daily News

But the Department of Agriculture doesn't want to regulate them either. "We are production driven. This hunt, or whatever you want to call it is certainly not agricultural production."



Chip Ridky, former State Veterinarian
"Hunting Behind Wire" by Bob Humphrey, Maine Sportsman

"In northern New England, the pride is in the chase, not the kill. When someone creates a situation where the chase is not an important part of the process, they're attacking the culture. I'm surprised they even opened a place like that in Maine."   



Jeff Brown, President of the Northeast Buck Club
The Boston Globe

"I'm concerned about Maine's culture and heritage. This is not who we are."



Sen. Marge Kilkelly, former Agriculture Committee member and bill sponsor
The Boston Globe  

How You Can Help End Canned Hunting in Maine

· Become knowledgeable about the issue. 

· Many hunters consider ‘Canned Hunting’ unethical and contrary to the image of Maine’s hunting heritage and fair chase traditions.  The campaign is actively getting names of hunters who support the ban. If you know of any hunters who may want to sign up for the ban, please get their signatures and addresses (and what type of hunting they do), and send their names to MFOA.

· If you do not know your legislators, find them below and contact them.

For your State Senator:

For your State Representative:

A letter to the legislator’s home is most effective as legislators do generally listen to their constituents. In January, when the legislature convenes, place a follow-up call and/or email to legislators. Your letter should be concise and courteous while stressing the issues, and ending with a request of support for upcoming legislation to ban canned hunting.  

· Write a Letter-to-the-Editor for your local newspaper. Read your newspaper policies as most have a limit on the length, such as 250 words. It can be similar to what you wrote your legislators. 

· Contact the MFOA office or District Coordinator in your area (visit to learn how you can help the ‘Ban Canned Hunting in Maine’ campaign. MFOA can provide you with materials to schedule a tabling event in your community, at country fairs, community gatherings, political events, etc. Help us get the word out. 

· Hold a fundraising event. Campaigns have financial needs. MFOA will provide a representative from the campaign to speak at any event you schedule. 

· Copy our Canned Hunting Fact Sheet and pass out to friends, neighbors and associates. Also, encourage people to go to the MFOA website to learn how they can get involved. 

· Register online to get MFOA ‘Action Alerts’ to follow the campaign and stay updated.  

· Join us in our press conference and awareness demonstration this fall. If you are interested in attending an event or becoming involved, please let us know at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . 

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