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Friday, 17 August 2018

Membership / Donations
Support MFOA's work to expose cruelty in the harness racing industry

Horse Picture

Support MFOA's work to expose cruelty in the harness racing industry

Sibal is a beautiful, two-year-old filly.  She is a Standardbred, the breed used by the harness racing industry. Even though her immature body is vulnerable to injury, Sibal will be forced into training. She may spend up to 22 hours a day in a stall, be whipped repeatedly when racing, kicked and beaten after races, and injected with pain blockers or drugs to enhance performance. 

After a short career, often only four or five years, she could be sold at auction, crammed onto a truck, and taken on a traumatic journey to a slaughterhouse in Quebec, where she will meet a terrifying end.

Sibal's story is a sad, but common, scenario for harness-racing horses in Maine. We need you to help us take a stand on this outdated and inhumane activity, which is driven solely by money.  

Help Support the Dogs Chained For Life Campaign

dogs chained for lifeHave you ever gone by a house in your town where the same dog is chained outside all the time?

In February of this year, a severely neglected 13-year old dog, chained to a fence for her entire life, was discovered and removed by a local rescue organization.  Sadly, this documented case of abuse is an all too common occurrence. In fact, it may be the most pervasive form of domestic animal cruelty we have in Maine today, especially given our harsh winters.

This year, Maine Friends of Animals is making this its focus issue - what we call ‘dogs chained for life.' The campaign is to educate the public, the media and legislators so that we can work together to end this needless animal abuse.

We Need Your Support Today

Help Maine Friends of Animals Promote Animal Protection in Maine

Maine Friends of Animals has been the leading organization in Maine for over eight years working to end animal cruelty and promoting the human treatment of animals.

MFOA is growing every year and doing more to protect wildlife, domestic and farm animals.

We need your help today! Join MFOA and Donate to Maine's Animal Protection Leader.

fund-dogchained.jpgDogs deserve better than a chained life
As the days become years, these dogs sit, lay, eat, and defecate within in the same 10-foot radius. Chained by the neck, they exist without respect, love , exercise, social interaction, and even basic nourishment. they live as prisoners, yet long to be pets.
Trapping does not discriminate

More than 80 countries have banned the cruel steel-jaw leghold trap, a device know to break bones, sever tendons, and rip flesh.


Ban cruel bear hunting with traps, dogs and bait

MFOA initiated and spearheaded the Bear Referendum. Our strong campaign increased public awareness of wildlife animal cruelty, unethical hunting and the problem with wildlife management in Maine.


The opposition knows cruelty can't stand the spot light, and Maine citizens will certainly give animal cruelty and unethical forms of hunting far more of a look then they ever did before. Never before has the public known so much about these practices, and never have there been so many people who want them ended.

As long as this needless animal suffering is going on we will continue to bring it to the attention of the public, the media and the legislature.

MFOA is continuing the fight with a bear trapping bill and bear hounding bill that have been submitted to the legislature.

fund-elephant.jpgBrutal training, traveling and existence

For animals held captive in circuses, life consists of cramped cages, shackles, beatings and a maddening existence.


Needless wildlife animal suffering

Coyotes are 99.5% the same as a domestic dog. If a dog was subject to what Maine does to coyotes, it would certainly be prosecuted as aggravated animal cruelty.


There is still much to be done to strengthen animal protection in Maine.

Join the thousands of supporters and become a MEMBER today!
Together we can make a difference

Help stop animal abuse, exploitation and cruelty!

Join MFOA today by check or MC/VISA in the amount of $15 or more to:
Maine Friends of Animals
190 US Route One
Falmouth, ME 04105
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Watch the "Dog's Chained For Life" PSA Video 

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